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MIT- Solar supercapacitor creates electricity and hydrogen fuel on the cheap!

Electric Cars - How far can you go with one charge?

Indiana energy bill would eliminate net metering, move to "buy-all, sell-all" solar model.

Metrol Fuel - A alternative to liquid gasoline - See the video !!!

Finally - A safe way to carry hydrogen fuel in your pocket.

2000-hp Nikola semi changes course to hydrogen power. 2000 HP

South Carolina Sprays Deadly NALED To Kill Zika Mosquitoes and Destroys Millions Of Honeybees. Honeybees killed

"World's largest" EV charging station opens in Norway. Norway

A better way to mine gold from old electronics. Gold

Canada has 10-GW of wind energy installed - CanWEA said wind turbines are operating in every province in Canada, and in the Northwest Territories and Yukon. The organization also said that Canada’s wind capacity has increased by an average of 1,300-MW, or 24 percent, every year.

A new study found that "unconventional energy" development will be an important piece to the future of the U.S. economy.

Silicon Valley Chapter has announced the opening of their first private hydrogen fueling station, and AHA and AHASVC members now have access to free hydrogen fuel.


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